Andesa Smart Living

Ningbo Andesa Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in June 20185 in Ningbo City, the National University Science Park registered, the SAMWAY team is mainly engaged in the innovation of PCB controller and the motor drive, focusing on driving technology in IC application of sensors and motor, the mechanical structure, sensors chip and motor into skiing successfully developed from Samway inspiration balancing electric vehicle-hoverboard

summed up a set of effective information and intelligence in the process of discussion and design of Samway self-balancing vehicle process, thereby creating the smart E machine - LCD screen touch bigpad, smart lock and smart lights, and also had got 9 national patents and licensing. The name of SAMWAY comes from Smart wit, Ambition ambition, Motor drive and Way direction - English abbreviation, team members' common tag, wit, ambition, drive and direction. Through team efforts, we have built 2000 square meters of product testing and production base.

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